Nueva técnica de producción

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After the unremitting efforts of the R&D team, Mexytech improved the new process of producing wood-plastic co-extruded decking in 2023.

WPC production technique

The new production process is to upgrade the raw materials of the co-extrusion layer, and then carry out the technical transformation on the extruder production line. In contrast, the resistance of the co-extrusion layer of the co-extruded wood-plastic floor produced by the new process is increased by 17.95%. The fusion is increased by 6.97%, and the co-extrusion layer is more scratch-resistant.

In addition to improving performance, the new technology also makes the wood-plastic deck more beautiful in appearance and more natural in touch. From the comparison of the wood-plastic composite in the picture, we can intuitively feel the obvious progress of the new technology. Thanks to the production R&D team of Mexytech. Please look forward to the next upgrade of Mexytech.